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Names Pooja. 20. Proud Gujarati. Lover of Fine Indian Humor. Junior in college. Professional Procrastinator. Taco Bell Enthusiast. Tumblr Addict. Forever a Larry shipper. Don't Forget To Be Awesome. Yes, I'll be friends with you :) #ProudBearcat
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    trying to make a situation better and accidentally making it a worse

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    The community in Ferguson is struggling to come up with the money to keep their kids fed, since school has been cancelled all this time, yet people have donated over $12,000 to the murderer who started all of this in the last 24 hours alone. Think about that. And then donate to the right cause.

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    Protester in ATL for #MikeBrown #Ferguson

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    Literally these two emojis define my entire life.

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    I look cute right now my camera just doesn’t understand

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    what kind of guys get into equestrian?



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    “THEY WERE JUST TEENAGERS” idk man I was a crazy, stupid, reckless, and unstable teenager but not once did I ever get the urge to kidnap, drug, and rape someone


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